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Slavery is not something of the past - today, there are more people enslaved in the world than ever

Updated: Nov 19, 2021


Being free from slavery is a human right, but alas, 40,3 million people are today trapped in the invisible chains of modern slavery.

The modern slavery is everywhere, and peope who are the most vulnerable make up the vast majority of the statistics - Women make up 71% of those being exploited, and one in four victims is a child. The term slavery is extensive, and include practices like trafficking, forced labor, debt savery, forced marrriage and many more varying situations where people are exploited and can’t decline or leave due to threat, violence, fraud and/or abuse of power. Globally, 15,4 million people are estimated to be living in a forced marriage. 37% of those are underage, and 44% of them haven’t even gotten to the age of 15. 24,9 million people are being exploited in the form of forced labor, in sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and childrens vulnerability within this question is further made visible in the part of slavery called the commercial sex industry - Where all of 99% of the victims are women, and a little over one in five are children.

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