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Do Good Now Global

Do Good Now is a non-profit organization founded in 2006. We have been involved and responsible for projects in several countries, including Thailand and Costa Rica. Our focus is on human rights and the fight against human trafficking.

At present, we run projects both in Nepal, which is one of the poorest countries in the world and which is one of the countries of origin for many traffickers, but also in Sweden, which is one of the richest countries in the world and at the same time an important destination for human traffickers. Our focus is on human rights and the fight against human trafficking.

The sign of eternity in our logo symbolizes our holistic approach and that we work with various methods both to prevent more people from ending up in human trafficking, but also support those who have survived human trafficking, to be able to return to a richer life and a meaningful existence. We have these two perspectives in our work both in Nepal and in Sweden

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Do Good Now Projects

We are proud of our projects

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Build Up Nepal

In Nepal, we work primarily preventively through our collaboration with Build up Nepal. We create conditions for residents in the poorest and most vulnerable parts of Nepal to build their own houses, toilets and schools with climate-friendly, cost-effective and earthquake-resistant construction technology.

Since the men often are abroad to work, it is common that the women take responsibility for the construction work and this contributes to increased equality between the men and women. The model also creates opportunities for local entrepreneurs, in many cases women, who start their own companies based on the experience they gain through the construction of their house.

This radically reduces people's exposure to human trafficking.

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Escape Human Trafficking

In Nepal, we also support people who have survived human trafficking, mainly through cooperation with the non-profit organization ABC Nepal. An organization that runs several homes for girls who have been exposed to, or is at risk of ending up in, sex trafficking. The girls rescued from brothels or other slave-like conditions are offered housing, education, medical care and trauma treatment.

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Raising Awareness

In Sweden, we work preventive through information campains via our social media channels and through workshops in upper secondary schools.

We help women and children who have survived human trafficking or have been exposed in other ways by arranging apartments via the social services and organizations that work with women who have survived prostitution.

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