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Sponsor a Toilet

Sponsor a Toilet




The village of Pathari is situated just a few meters above the nearby river. This has created major problems regarding the possibility of building shared toilets for the inhabitants of the village. The toilets are filled quickly as the ground is so shallow and there is a risk that the toilets will be flooded during the monsoon period. After many discussions, we have come to the conclusion that the best solution for each family is to build their own toilet adjacent to their own house. 


The benefits of this solution are:

  • 36 toilets instead of 6-8 common ones mean that they fill up much more slowly, and even during the monsoon period, everything has time to sink away.
  • The families have their own toilets and will be more eager to take care of them


The design of the toilet: 

  • 1×1 square meter with an Indian toilet
  • Instead of a septic tank, we will use a soak pit made of concrete rings och sand/gravel that will be used as a filter.


Contribute to toilets in Pathari. Donate toilets!

  • 1 package: 1 toilet, €500
  • 2 packages: 2 toilets, €1000
  • 3 packages: 3 toilets, €1500


Read More about the project here:


    Sorry, if you buy a house we can't return it as it is now being built.

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